I have over 19 years in the photography industry, in which 11 years have been in the modeling arena. As a Professional Photographer of AfterSixPhotography.com has gracefully earned the reputation as being one of Hawaii's most dedicated photographers. My work has been described as "refreshingly honest, pure & original". My warmth, patience and dedication to the craft allow my subjects to glow in my images. 

I have been editing graphics for over 15 years with the military as well as other corporations. I started photography out of editing other Digital Photographers work so one day i thought to myself, i can do this! This is how i got into the business today! Now i am a Professional Digital Photographer, Graphics Editor and Multi-Media professional. I am also a certified Information technology expert as well for a major corporation. Digital Photography started out as a "curious hobby" for me and grew to be one of my greatest talents. 

AfterSixPhotography.com blends a passion for the art and science of photography with a passion for your complete satisfaction. Each "shoot" starts with a thorough discussion of what you're looking for and how I will approach the assignment – both creatively and technically. It ends when you have photos you love from a photography experience you would recommend to others. 

"I feel very fortunate to work in a profession I love. I'm my own boss. I meet interesting people at interesting moments in their lives. I create something not everyone can create and that possesses a unique, lasting value. And I deliver to my customers results I would expect for myself. To me it's very simple: Treat people the way you want to be treated. Promise the very best and then deliver it."

"I see my role as a photographer as someone who is entrusted with the most important days in a person's life. It's my job to capture the spirit, emotion and the critical, fleeting moments of those days, and then translate them into high-quality visual art - photos that touch people's hearts, that bring a smile, a tear or a WOW!."

"It's all part of making the customer happy. I understand how important that is. Whether I'm shooting a wedding, model or a sporting event - it pushes me to do my absolute best, and I do everything in my power to ensure complete satisfaction. I give you my word on that." 

Drop me a line and let's explore our creativity together! I look forward to receiving your e-mails. I receive a lot of e-mail so please give me reasonable time to respond. I WILL respond to ALL e-mails!

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